Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Information about Malware Details

A month ago we announced the release of a new Webmaster Tools feature that helps webmasters identify malicious content that has been surreptitiously added to their sites. We've been working on improving the quality of the feature since it launched, and yesterday we released some changes that should make the information even more useful. Most of the changes have occurred behind the scenes, but the end result is that we can provide more data, with higher accuracy, and do so more quickly. If your site is receiving a malware warning for Google search results, please visit Webmaster Tools for more details about the problematic code that our automated systems have discovered.

We will continue to improve the feature over time and welcome feedback via comments on this blogpost. If you are a webmaster of a compromised site and use the feature to help clean your site, please include feedback in the comment field of the appeal request.